I know Streisand is a hard one...does anyone have any opinions on this autograph from her? 

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Hi AG,

Wow, just happened to see this right as i was getting ready to get off the page. Streisand does seem really difficult from what ive heard. I really dont have much knowledge when it comes to actors, as most of my knowledge is in music, but i did just see where autographworld sold a Streisand for 340 dollars. I looked it over and it doesnt seem to compare that well to this one. I personally would say its not good, but again, im not that knowledgeable here. I just thought i would post the photo of the STreisand that was just sold at Autographworld so that you can compare too, if you havent seen it already. Their items are normally verry good, so i believe the one they sold was authentic, so maybe that can help to be something to compare too. If you get other opinions that it is bad, would you mind listing the seller. It seems i have seen something like this before but cant place my finger on it. Anyway, i hope its real for you, and im sure others will chime in. Good Luck

This black & white is not real.  Not ever close.

Hi AG,

Streisand has among the highest percentage of forgeries of all music and entertainment autographs. In my opinion yours is definitely not good. The one Trapper uploaded looks good to me, but I wouldn't buy her without expert opinions.

I agree with Steve that this does not look good. It looks slowly signed and a little too neat.

I've had this one for over 20 years, was never quite sure on it.  Mike, how does this one look to you?

thanks, I will just keep this in my "uncertain" pile!  I just really don't know how old this one is.  I have had it for a very long time, the magazine is dated 1981 (which doesnt mean much) but it makes it difficult to figure out WHEN she actually signed it, and match it with her signing habits from that time.

This is what you get back in the mail.  Secretary signed it.

I just joined a site that I highly recommend.  Its called StarTiger (http://startiger.com/) and costs about $38 a year.  Its well worth it.  It seems from the boards on there that Barbra Streisand has switched secretaries.  This red signature is an old secretarial.  I'll post images later.

This is the scan of her old secretary compliments of timbuck2 of StarTiger.

Hey Mike- What happened with Autograph World and Joey Lauren Adams? Did they get bad stuff and can you say who was fired?

Agreed. This does not look good.

Here are scans of some Streisand signed items


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