I know Streisand is a hard one...does anyone have any opinions on this autograph from her? 

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Mike- i like the top and the middle one.

good stuff Ted!

Thanks Terrier

The middle one posted looks very similar to the autographworld one. I think the autographworld one is good.

I think "Streisand" on Ted's third one looks like the Autograph World one as well. I think it's got a good shot at being good.

Steve I think these are both by the same hand- could be her assistant but its not hers.

Thanks, Grappher. Do you have some secretarials to show and no question good ones to post? Just to be clear, you don't think AW's or Ted's third one are the real deal?

I had to revise this post because i originally posted it out of anger, and didnt want to offend others, so i decided to reword certain issues here. Mike, i truly feel sorry for you. It is truly a shame when a collector who has experience thinks it is his job to talk down to others, to chastise them for no reason what so ever, and to act like you are above others. From what i have gathered your job as a driver or film crew worker or whatever, has put you in direct contact with celebs. That and going after them IP. Good for you, and that is a cool thing to have done. But you are not an authenticator Mike, pure and simple. Your opinions are far from collect, and despite what you may think, you didnt write the book on what is good or bad. This is a collectors site where the inexperienced, experienced, novices,etc come to get advise. And a big thank you to Steve for that. It is unfortunate that someone such as yourself feels the need to rag on others posts and make arrogant smart comments as if what someone posted wasnt good enough for you. Mike you may have met alot of celebs in your life and have alot of knowledge on autographs, but that doesnt give you any right to talk down to anyone, to confront anyone, and to argue with anyone. Do you see any other member doing this? I dont? And as far as i know your the one member who constantly has to be warned. You do this time and again, and not just with me, with many many others. The bottom line is that if i like a certain company and want to post examples from their inventory, or if i like psa and jsa and want to comment on how good of a job they do, if an individual might want to know that, im going to do it. I dont need Mike Airings approval or dissaproval. To you it may seem like a broken record, but thats not your buisness. If you would have posted examples and argued your points like a man, id be the first to jump in their with you and say, hey mike, youve got a point. But thats not the way you operate, and its very sad. Ive tried to let this go and let your previous rude obnoxious and arrogant comments role off my back, but i cant anymore. Im tired of seeing you do this to collectors and myself. You arent better than any of us and just b/c you have experience doesnt mean you are better to speak and give your opinion on any issue, more than anyone else. Novices and beginners school the experts often. But just like ive alwasy said, your opinion is no better than mine, or the dogs next door. We arent authenticators, we are collectors and in your case maybe a dealer.

Well guess what Mike, your not an expert. you dont run an authentication service, your not asked as a consultant to any major authentication house, etc. You act like you are, but you arent. Your nothing more than a bully who think he knows everything. I have posted two items on this site before, both from autographworld. A company you seem to have a problem with, as your typical arrogant comment about "and yes autographworld had bad stuff", or something to that kind. They were jimmy page and a springsteen. As usual you jumped in with your big mouth and started preaching how they werent real and youd gotten each several times, and this is what a typical sig looks like. I had a feeling then that you were full of yourself so i had roger and psa look at them. And guess what, you were wrong, and they were right. Imagine that.

You try and bully people into your way of thinking and get mad when its questioned. It doesnt matter how many times youve met anyone or your examples. If you dont like examples posted, than move your butt down the road and shut your mouth. If you dont agree, than all means post, but you just dont disagree with people, you try and belittle them because you think your something special. Guess what Airing, your nothing but crap i scrape off the bottom of my shoes every day. Id like to see your ignorant face walk into my field of study, As a full time pharmacist and part time taxidermist, i can tell you for a fact that if you came walking into my world and into the forums im familiar with, and started making comments like you do, youd have no chance. The difference between most people and you, is the fact that if most people dont know something or are unfamiliar with things, they can ask around, and post what they think is good, and others can friendly critique. And point out differences like a professional. This is how most good people treat others. And then their is your obnoxious disgusting personality. Just because youve had the pleasure to drive limos for a living or work on filmsets, etc, doesnt mean  you know jack crap. ITs sad that their are people like you out their who think they know more than others and therefore have some right to talk to people like they are beneath them. If you had a problem with anything i posted all you had to do is state your opinion and move on. And if you didnt like my posts at all, then just move your butt down the road. No one is asking for your comments.

Now i know autographworld makes mistakes, i have returned two items myself from them b/c of authenticity. no biggy, they all make mistakes. PSA and JSA make alot too. But i think they are cleaning up the hobby and i like them. And they do cert some crazy sigs.. Their are a few psa certed items on ebay right now, that if not forged, i think are big mistakes. So these companies do do wrong, and i have never argued that.

Its just like with Steve on that Metallica item. Now personally i think it was good and you showed some goof proof. But steve had an opinion, thats it, an opinion, that it was bad. But instead of showing the proof like a professional and stating the facts and moing on, you attacked steve. You couldnt take it, that someone actually had the audacity to question your IP items. Who cares, and one thing for sure is that you would have ripped into an IP example from Steve if you thought it was bad. It was a good item in my opinion, and i would  have said so on the comments. But before i could, here you come throwing insults, and telling the creator of the site you were using that he needs to stick to doing other things. Are you kidding me? Did you realize the only reason your here is b/c of him? But you tried to belittle him and make an example of him. Well the only thing you really accomplished was showing your true self.I can guarantee you that most members on this site think your an obnoxious arrogant piece of work. The other members may like you, but they still think this, i guarantee you that. ITs funny how steve and alot of others share alot of my opinions, as in this post, but your such a cry baby that you have to be right, and when you think you havent had the last word on something, you try and attack people. Steve has warned you numerous times about your comments and attitude, and i assure you that i will be contacting steve and doing what i can to make sure this doesnt happen again. You may have knowledge that most would like to know, but its not worth the price of you lording it over them like your something special. Your not Mike, your just some jerk who thinks hes hot sh##t. When in reality you live in a littel autograph bubble where you think your king and when someone rubs up against it, you run screaming and start throwing insults. Your a disgrace to this community Mike.

You have shown it time and time again. And i know this will be taken down but i really hope you get to read it before it goes down. I dont care if you like who i like to defend at all or if you think im wrong every time. I will continue to post comments as i please and hopefully you will be long and gone after your latest outburst. your nothing more than a bully who gets mad when people question them. You are a pompous arrogant person and its a shame you dont come to my neck of the woods, Charleston WV. Please by all means and feel free to look me up, As a two time golden glove , i dont take that crap, and i would just love for you to talk your trash to my face. But that wouldnt ever happen because it takes a man to do that. And its apparent that the best you can do is sit behind your computer at home, and trying to make yourself look important. Your a piece of trash Mike, pure and simple. Its time to get a life and realize that what you have done as far as autograph hunting means nothing. Your opinion is the same as my own, no better than any other collector. Your not a qualifie expert, your just some jerk who thinks he knows everything. If steve doesnt ban you, i suggest you shut your mouth when it comes to commenting on my comments. 

Trapper, your post directed at Mike Aring is threatening and disgusting.  Mike gives his time to help collectors and you bash him for it?  He is the ONLY inperson collector on here that routinely gives his opinion (as best I can tell).  I would take his opinion over yours, part time taxidermist.

I think Trapper's account should be in jeopardy, not Mikes.


I sincerley hope that Steve bans you from this site. You are nothing but a pompous bully who thinks he knows everything. If i have a bad feeling about something than thats exactly what im going to put down. If you dont like it, move your butt right along. You think you know it all, but in reality are pathetic. Keep your mouth shut regarding other peoples posts and your disgusting personality, and then maybe you wont get booted off this site. No one cares about your opinions any more than mine. And half the time your useless garbage mouthed comments arent helping anyone either. You are just jealous and upset because people dont conform to your own opinions. I have already had numerous people message me b/c they agreed with me all the way and were tired of you and didnt want to speak up b/c they thought they would get banned. Your a pathetic sorry man Mike Airing, and if i have any say in it, you will be kicked off this site before long.

These two above are not Barbra in my opinion.  Sorry.


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