$13 cd or $19 lp with print signed by two absolute legends!!

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This is really great value, even with $15.99 international shipping.

Thanks for the heads up.

Damn!  Looks like this is sold out.  A bit deceiving because you can add it to you cart, but changes it to a different bundle w/o the autographed insert. 

Thanks so much for the post. I bought one this morning. Very excited about it as I love them both.

Thanks so much for posting this. I'm a fan of both, so I got one.

Side note: Taj WILL NOT sign in person, unless you show him you got a ticket for his show (luckily, my friend did, and he signed 5 albums for him!)

Thanks for the tip! I’ve never tried him in person but always wanted my copy of Natchl Blues signed so I will have to try someday

Had it in my invoice,they even charged my Paypal acct $29.23,but never received a confirmation from Nonesuch and when I called them on it,they cancelled my order instead of honoring the error,oh well errors happen I guess... Any thought this may come up again in the near future,am a big fan of both artists?

I’d keep an eye on Newbury. I could definitely see them getting copies of this one. 

Thx John, I'll keep an eye out for them. Ya never know,some of us might get luck again!

sold out before I could fully check out, so hope there's another chance somewhere,

though am doubting Newbury gets the same package, if at all-

the previous recent Nonesuch signed bundles (Emmylou Harris, k.d. lang) have included an album-size signed print (and MP3 copies of the lead single and full album).and no other outlet offered those signed releases, so am not getting my hopes up.  

Looks like these are shipping.  Got a tracking number today.

Mine came in this weekend and it's my favorite of the year. Thanks again, OP!

Wow these really did come out fantastic, mine should arrive today!!


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