This is the album, not the single - expected to be shipping in April. It must be noted immediately though that her track record for non-UK signed items is BAD, with all of the limited edition 7in. vinyl from last year being rubber stamped. If you're somehow satisfied that such issues have been resolved (personally, I'm not), then go for it.

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If a CD version pops-up please tag me please

I am unfortunately a burnt child (say in Germany) with all the stamps and will pass. But I bought a concert ticket for next year and try to get my stamped works signed. But I do not risk the album too

I got a couple of the rubber stamped 7 inchers. And the record company argued that she actually signed them when I emailed. Not gonna invest another cent in this scam.

That's where I am. Unless someone has any insight that there's been a management or vendor change (or, preferably, both), I have no reason to really consider this. Still strange that the US releases got hosed while the UK signed CDs from Kontraband always seem to be fine. Again, different merch vendors though.

In her latest Instagram Story she writes „all lps are hand signed :)“. So if these are stamped again she‘s lying to her followers / fans. But to be honest after the 7“ I wouldn’t trust her anymore. 

As ugly as that situation was, I honestly don't think that was her fault. If she wrote that directly on her IG, I'm more inclined to believe she's (somewhat indirectly) addressing the earlier issues.

Thought so and hope so too. Especially with the added :)

When you don’t think it was her fault, what do you think happened? She must know that signed 7“ vinyls have been available in her store and that she signed none. You think the management screwed her over. In the past I was always happy with second city prints, so I don’t think it was their fault either. What are everybody‘s thoughts?

I'd thought Second City seemed just fine too, which made their response to this just as surprising and, unfortunately, revealing. My best guess is that it was her management, which I think has family involvement. I'm pretty sure Tate was in Canada when these were being sold in the US, so I'm thinking that someone on her management team made this call with Second City as a accomplice, if not the perpetrator, to made the logistics flow more easily and/or spare Tate the work. She obviously knew about it at some point, though who knows when. 

That being said, while I've met her a couple times, I don't know much about her personality otherwise. There is certainly the possibility that she made a bad decision and was called out for it, but that doesn't seem the most likely answer.

Meanwhile the signed singles keep being delayed. It at least gives me more faith that these are going to be real.

After seeing this I don’t have much hope for the lp

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I emailed and got this response. Notice they say 'this time'. Lol. Basically admitting the others were stamped.

Hi there, Ron, 
Thanks for reaching out! We received confirmation that these items will be hand signed this time. 
Please let us know if we can help with anything else!
Thank you, hope you have a great day, 

Emily M
Customer Support



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