Another new signed vinyl from Tate. Like the last couple, this is limited to 500 total pressings - and two per customer.

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Lets hope she signs them in Silver or Gold and Not Black 

Unless the actual cover is darker, I'd be fine with black. Gold might okay, but I don't know about silver.

Wasn't You Broke Me First supposed to be shipped out sometime in late January? I still haven't gotten a confirmation shipping for that yet. 

The white vinyl is supposed to ship this month. Clear version end of February.

Yeah, I preorder the white one. I'm guessing they haven't been shipped out yet. 

Just received my 2 copies of white vinyl. Autopenned obviously. Big disappointment 

Damn, that's so bloody poor she only had to sign 500 ! Which could easily have been done in Lockdown - Do You happen to have a photo? If this is the case I'll cancel my order On the One Day Signed / Autopenned? 7" single supposedly shipping in April, and will be another waste of time so called star to add to my ever growing  blacklist - never to buy off again

These are from Second City prints - that's where Elvis Costello's recent Signed LPs came from recently - so are his Signed Look Now and Hey Clockface LPs Legit or Autopenned too? 

just uploaded a photo of the 2 vinyls. didn´t even mention the damages to the upper right corners

What arseholes Secondcityprints are! 

Long Cancellation e mail to do now.... calling them all the names under the sun - what a bunch of fraudulant bastards! 

they might not even be aware of this. i just don´t get if artists can´t be bothered to sign stuff why don´t they just leave it instead of ripping off people

Everyone else is reporting rubber-stamped. Yours areauto pen? Can you post photos?



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