Another new signed vinyl from Tate. Like the last couple, this is limited to 500 total pressings - and two per customer.

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Posted photos an hour ago. Rubber-stamped is what it probably is, yes

Just in case anyone's curious about Second City's position on this. I sent them an email saying that I was not happy to receive an item that clearly wasn't handsigned, and they responded:

"We are very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the product. We have confirmed with our client that these are all hand signed. ..."

They will accept a return, but will not cover the return shipping.

I don't know anything about Tate McRae, but it's disappointing to have such new/young artist already pulling crap like this.

They're a mess. Someone else got a response that none of them were hand signed.

I called Second City out on an email and called them all the names under the sun, quoted that they had been caught out on and told them they were fraudsters, sent them photos of 4 identical photos of listings on ebay - demanded a refund on my order that hadn't shipped  - i got a refund - no reply to my rant though! 

I only ordered these as she is an up and coming star and i really thought they would be genuine - how wrong was i! Another fraudster star and company to add to my ever growing - Never buy from list! 

This is blatant fraud and needs to be stamped out - I don't think you can trust anyone anymore! 



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