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I bought a signed RED booklet on eBay recently. I have a signed 1989 World Tour neon lithograph from Taylor's official store that I compared it to and I also compared it to lots of pictures of RED signed booklets from the RED Tour. I bought it for around the going price on eBay for legit RED signed booklets. I originally offered a slightly lower price than my next offer, which the seller declined, then I offered my next offer, about $20 more than my first offer, which the seller accepted. I think if it was a fake, the seller would have been more than happy to take the slightly lower offer.

The seller's story seems to check out with the other signed RED booklets that were obtained on the RED Tour. The seller got this as part of the RED Tour VIP package on February 11, 2014 in London, England at the O2 Arena. The package included a shrink-wrapped RED CD and a signed booklet to insert into the CD case. The seller removed the plastic wrapping from the CD case and inserted the signed booklet into the CD case and has been displaying it for about five years before selling. The seller was also able to remove the booklet and take more pictures of it.

The signature placement and style seem consistent with other RED booklets. I think it checks out, but I wanted to get a second opinion from here. I know I can never be 100% sure on authenticity without seeing someone autograph it with my own eyes, in-person, but I tried to do my homework to make sure my first eBay signature purchase is hopefully legit.


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Looks good to me

It looks good to me too.

Hey there

I'd say that it is authentic :). Taylor signed alot and I mean ALOT of red booklets. I've only seen a couple fake red booklets about and they are not very good ones at that. Nothing to worry about here :)

I think this looks real. I've studied her signature for a while now. Of course, we can never be 100%. But looking at it, it seems legit.

Real. Good purchase.


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