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sadly three of the four were all sold out hours ago so this hasn't been an option for  most of us  

It's too bad they didn't say that some were rarer than others (unless I missed it) so you'd know if one may go out of stock quicker, and to buy the whole set if you want it. But I guess we didn't really know how long these would last at all, so it made the most sense to just buy asap if you wanted them. The Folklore signed cds seemed to be endless supply, then the following ones sold out quick and I missed them... so I wasn't sure how long these would last. 

Thats pretty cool, too bad the green one sold out so quick. That will make a lot of unfinished sets if anyone is trying to complete the set and frame them. I guess that's why people might pay $400 for them.

I just think it's kind of funny since nobody knows exactly what they'll be yet, or why those were more rare than the others... What if she hand wrote lyrics on the green cd pics and they're worth thousands. Seems weird to list them for sale before knowing exactly what they are but I guess they can always back out of the sale. 

I noticed on one of the last signed cds the ones she wrote hearts on were selling for much more than just the signature ones. So I'm really curious if these will have any differences. 

three of the four items sold out as soon as they went on sale so only one us available .. the sets will go for good 

Yeah…I bought one thinking they were going to be in stock for a while. Sold out 100x faster than I expected. 

All four are now available on the U.K. store:


Jade green sold out on UK store

As is the Blood Moon edition.  Hopefully, they’ll restock.

I managed to order all four as soon as the store went live.

Thanks! They are selling out so fast, it is crazy. I wonder how many copies were available.

UK webstore now working. 2 ordered.

Wonderful just came back from taking the dogs for a walk and they are all sold out apart from the Mahogany....

that was a long walk then ! 


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