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The vinyls have a sticker indicating they contain a signed photo, though. (Photo found on eBay.) That's a great solution if you wanna keep yours sealed, I think.

I ordered two from uk store and while both are “processed” nothing has shipped which is a bit frustrating!

That’s because UK had a royal Mail strike Yesterday so there are massive backlogs already and that meant nothing could be shipped.

But everyone involved knew that was happening - so if they'd shipped first class the day before it would still not have been delivered early (not that it matters given the album had already leaked)

They used Yodel or at least for the Vinyls they did, I can't speak for the CDs.

Here's another one (not mine)

Which is everyone's favorite signed photo?

I'm leaning towards Mahogany.

Well happy it's beautiful 

Thats a strange version of her signature

You not like it ?? 

Authentically, I believe its fine. No reason to doubt it. Its just the 1st time I've seen one like that. As for personal preference, id probably go for her normal style. Its a nice little change up though. 

Wonder if it's coz its on a bigger scale? I've another signed lp tempted to open it tbf before I send it on 



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