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Uk only version 

As of right now 52,534 left in stock but going fast

Wait a second, so she signed over 52,000 copies?  I am doubting the fact that she signed so many copies. Something's very strange.

39527 now.. almost 12,000 sold in 40 minutes

19606 left.. 

3454 left.. 16k in the last 40 minutes. No signs of slowing down.. get them while you can but im guessing there will be a restock

SOLD OUT.. that was a fun ride... with 68 hours 20 minutes left on her countdown.. thats 3 hours 40 mins to sell, im guessing 70 to 75k autographed cds. I didnt start keeping track until it was posted here

It does seem crazy but this is what happened the last few times. Folklore was the worst. Thousands were restocked multiple times after the 1st sell out

This is totally about her seeking revenge. Not sure if you followed the whole thing with the guy who bought her masters but she was super p****d off. Which is why she is rerecording them. And she wants to rub it is his face. Seems to be working.

I did follow some of that slightly but I dont know all the details.. good for her though. There are a lot of young happy fans that could never afford to have something like this if she left the market as is.. love or hate her music, having an autograph of your favorite artist while growing up does tend to inspire. So I'm glad she's doing it

Quick look on ebay for taylor swift signed cd.. 1800 listings, 703 sold in the last 3 months

She signs them all there has never been a problem with her signature. I think she floods the market to screw the second hand dealers



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