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Newbie here, looking for some help.  I have a few autographs but this is the only Taylor Swift I have.  I bought it from a local person from an auction site.  He said that he's in radio and has special access to celebrity events.  This was signed in person by Taylor Swift during her Revolution tour in Kansas City in 2018.  It's a gift for my 9 year old daughter.  She will no doubt worship this thing, and I'm just looking for some piece of mind that it's legit.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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It doesnt really look like her autograph to me, sorry.  I got one IP (kinda rushed) and one from her website years ago on a pre-order CD and they are different.  But Im no expert on her and others hopefully will add some insight.

Couple of pedestrian observations: I've never paid super-close attention to Taylor's signature, but I'm almost certain that is not how she was signing her name in 2018. Also, the "I'm in radio/I'm in the business" generic line is very frequently used by fraudsters. I don't know loads of radio personalities who freeload on autographs and memorabilia thanks to their position (I don't think you're supposed to anyway, but I could be wrong). And being "in radio" wouldn't magically grant you access to a worldwide megastar like Taylor.

This is not authentic IMO. 

Thank you for your opinions. 

I have gotten her twice inperson and it’s always been just love Taylor.     Also the Taylor look off IMO on this.  

Matthew, how did you get access to her?  My 9 year old is begging!!@


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