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I just want mine to turn up. It's frustrating when you see others that ordered at the same time with theirs.

I would rather get a refund than what KD got. In a collectors market those are kind of worthless.

Like “folklore”, some stores are getting them to sell in person:

The digital ones aren’t real autographs, right? 

No, and I think they are going to trick a lot of people who don't read it closely. it says it will be sent to your email address after you purchase so both the music and the cover are digital and you will receive nothing physical in the mail.

Thanks. Nice that she charged us $25 + postage and they are only $16.99 on Vinyl Renaissance.

Damn, would have liked this but £18 in international shipping is just too much.

The listing says they must be picked up in person anyway, so shipping is not an option.

I ordered 2 and it let me pick media mail for shipping, maybe they just sold all they wanted to ship

It says in the listing that all orders requesting shipping will be cancelled immediately. Let me know if yours go through and I might order one as well!

I guess I didn't notice that. My order seems to have gone through, but I suspect maybe it'll be cancelled.



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