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Good to know about different email and also VPN not working…was going to try that but I give up! Just glad my Elton came through in same scenario, much more happy to have that tbh 

Your welcome to ship to me dude and I’ll ship on to you im uk 

Totally agree.. Even Rod Stewart has done it now with his latest album.. Seems the norm these days now

I know it is quite funny.. Im just not convinced she's handsigning all these... I really hope she is though 

If anyone gets theirs soon, please post on here so we can have a look.. Thanks 

Why are these selling for over $100 when the fearless went for around 35-40 is there something more special about these 

This album had a lot of promotion, its connected to her short film which she wrote and directed.. probably even more reasons too. I feel like Fearless was just a rerelease of songs.  Red is on a different level

because they are much nicer looking cover and didn’t restock so limited 

This has just been delivered by the postie. Really good signature

I can’t really distinguish any words, what does it say?


I just got mine too! It's the same basically. At least its not just a "T", as seems to be the trend these days!



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