Can someone tell me if this is legit? Purchased on eBay. I’m curious. It was a sealed copy of the book but I’m skeptical.

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100% authentic.

Zach what is your comments based on?

Are you an expert on Tom Brady signatures?

What certifications do you hold that qualifies you to make the comments you made.

Have you ever met Tom Brady?

Why don't you stipulate that you are offering an opinion and you DO NOT know for sure that Tom Brady did not sign said piece? 

Just to let you know that is a stamped signature!


These were SOLD direct from the TB12 STORE.

That is definitely NOT a stamped signature. Scott, you joined yesterday, focus on Tom Brady, and have been wealth of disinformation. It appears to me that you are here to try to protect forgery sellers and defame legitimate sources and collectors. I am permanently suspending your account.

See How does this one look. Is $650 a good deal? Has tristar cert. I just want to purchase something 100% real too congrats on the wonderful purchase!



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