What are thoughts on this pair of signatures?  I believe that dated year “1939” corresponds to Williams rookie year.

Thoughts on a reasonable price?



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From what I can see, I think they're both good.

Thanks alot, John! 

Daniel, the Williams looks odd to me. No matter how hard I try to read/see "Williams", I'm seeing "Nilliams". I don't remember any period in Williams career when his "W" was as nebulous as this, appearing here more like an upside down W than right side up! Do you see that as well?

no doubt the W is very strange.

I saw one like this, somewhere last year., that came with a psa and a jsa and when I saw it this time, I was more comfortable with it. You don't see that Williams sig too often with that "W" The Ted looks fine to me. I hope to dig up the other one to compare.

My initial concern was that the “Williams” looked different than everything I had previously encountered.  That being said, I have zero experience with Ted this early in his career.

I am curious what John turns up for comparison.

 How does the Foxx look to you guys?

thanks guys!

Not really closer. There's no mistaking the sharpie one for a W.  Although there are those here that are Williams guys and I'm not, of the thousands I've seen over the years, I've never seen the "Nilliams", or what that really looks to be an upside down W! IMO, it's a one of a kind, and not in a good way.

Also compounding the oddity of the W is how high the starting point of the 'i' is after the W. Looks almost like he's starting a W there too. When I first saw it, I thought that starting point of the 'i' was the W! Very oddly formed W and 'i', in my opinion.

Evidently, that link pulled up the first image, as opposed to this one that I intended to highlight

Ahhhhh. There it is. Nilliams. And that explains my misinterpreting the end of the "W" for a too tall start of the I, because that slash was part of the "W", not the start if the 'i'. This exemplar clears it up considerably.

Do you feel that I can purchase with confidence?



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