I have brought attention to this seller’s merchandise before on here, asking if their Lana Del Rey & Ariana Grande were real but after close attention I don’t think ANY that they’re selling are, except ones they sell for more money for obvious reasons (eg Joanne by Lady Gaga). They are all by the same hand with no difference in style of writing.

others have pointed out they’re selling fakes before but had their post removed as it’s against the rules to post anything like that on the app. They have been reported too, multiple times and I doubt anything will be done so I’d like to warn collectors on here just in case they come across any of these fakes. They also delete their listings afterwards too, meaning the signatures are obscured with a yellow banner when trying to view.

Their username is @ladylashlash

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Thank you so much for posting about this! I am so glad I looked this seller up. I was almost about to buy some items from her but felt that something was not quite right about the signed items she was selling.

I’m glad you avoided getting scammed! I saw she’s gotten more confident with these fakes and has put the prices up, despite them all obviously being from the same hand. I’ve reported them numerous times and others have too, it sucks that so many are buying these and the platform won’t do anything about it

Honestly, I am super thankful for your efforts in documenting all of the evidence!

I was so close to being scammed! I already bagged the items and was about to checkout. But because I wasn't logged into Paypal I had to pause for a moment and think about it one last time. I even finished typing in my password, and literally one click away from buying, but exited out and decided to do a bit more research.

I also asked for opinions on RACC Facebook group and indeed, the signatures are problematic.

Looking at her review history it seems like she's duped a lot of people, and covered up her tracks by deleting all the items sold, making it very difficult for people to check past items (and realise that those signatures are not real at all).

It's genuinely frightening how easy it is for people to get away with fakes. At least on eBay with Buyer Protection, you can always dispute a case and get eBay to step in. But from what I've read, Depop's Buyer Protection seems to be quite hands-off, as they just refer buyers to file disputes via Paypal?

it’s always best to do research first before buying graphs, there’s way too many fakes out there. there are some decent sellers on depop who do sell authentic but this seller certainly isn’t one with her fake stories about how she got the terrible forgeries. 

I wish there was a way to alert those who have bought from her, someone did post about it on depop but had their account suspended as that’s against the terms and conditions of the app.

The only way depop/paypal refunds for fakes is if more than one person opens a case against the seller. I bought a fake off someone and got a full refund because so many filed about the fakes. Then again that is only from my experience so I don’t know if that happens with every buyer

Nice work. Sadly people buy and then comment about shipping and packaging rather than checking authenticity. Hopefully, anyone Googling the seller will see this thread before buying

Yeah - I guess most people don't realise that they could be buying fakes since they were probably too excited to receive the items and distracted by the packaging and shipping speed, and the seller seemed nice and her story sounded credible, so I genuinely would have fallen for it too, had I not done further research.

After going through the evidence, I also found this:


so not only fake autographs, but also fake unlicensed merch, fake tour memorabilia? why isn't Depop doing anything about this?

She's at it again.. This time forging a Lorde Melodrama signed CD. It's so obviously fake when you compare it to the real deal. But sadly someone fell for this scam... 


Compare this with a real signed Melodrama CD:

The L is way off. Just Googling and searching Twitter or Instagram comes up with heaps up examples to compare with.

Penmanship seems quite hesitant and slow compared to Lord's lighter pen strokes.

Seller even had a screenshot of a Jibi Hifi email (again those are easy to fake).

COMPARE the above with a REAL AUTHENTIC example of Lorde signature:

Oh god, I just saw it and took a screenshot before she has the chance to delete again

I zoomed in and it's so obviously that she's trying to mimic or trace the signature.. So blatantly fake.

Will Depop even do anything about this?



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