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Whats the joke?lol

I think you know what the joke is "Paul."

Hi, no really don't know what the joke is? is 'Paul' some in joke between you guys? lol 

I can't figure out where the humour is in it, please fill me in? lol

Chris, we may be off base here.   Maybe its Shane?


Wasn't Paul jones reincarnated and came back as Shane? Lol

Yep, Paul.

And now....

Nothing to do with you Jane,just laughing at Christopher's comment.very nice set here btw.

Where are you from, "Jane?"

Hi, Hackney, North London, are you from round this way too?

most people are being helpful so far, but you keep harassing me with questions, I don't want to have to contact whoever is in charge of this site ideally, I only joined here to meet people to discuss autographs, shall we agree to stick to just that without all the other questions, please?  

Dark signatures signed with same bleeding pen. Make sure you get Tracks or Epperson or somebody of that ilk to scrutinize it before you flip it. If authentic it must be an expensive piece.



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