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It's real in my opinion but I wouldn't buy it due to the condition.

100% real but poor +1

I will be able to find better pieces than this?

Yes, you can find far better. 3 of the autographs have parts cut off. 

Can you advise me on where to start looking?


I recommend investing time into learning about Beatles autographs and the marketplace before you buy. You can learn a lot here.

Probably worth at best about 3500-4000 in this condition.

Hi David,

I found this site very helpful as I was doing some of my Beatles research.

Where did you end up finding the item that you bought, and how much did you end up paying for it?

Overpriced for what it is


The top set sold at auction for $5,100 in Nov. 2018, and the bottom on for $6,970 in Jan. 2019:



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