'The Collectors Hub' online auction site: WARNING to autograph collectors

Recently I became suspicious of an online auction site called The Collectors Hub which can be viewed at liveauctioneers.com (and possibly elsewhere).  They list a large number of enticing and, apparently, high quality signed items which sometimes sell for low prices.  The auctions are very rapid AND there is evidence of shill bidding.

As a test, I bid on over 50 items in two of their recent auctions and then submitted images of most items to ACOA for review, with Star Wars signed photos going to SWAU for quick opinions.


I posted several items in this forum for complementary review, just to have a second opinion (without saying where the signatures originated) and the responses from members were overwhelmingly negative.

Of course I will not pay The Collectors Hub for any of these fake items!

They did not provide their names and they are very guarded about where to send payments.  Unfortunately I was unable to tease bank details out of them. They claim to be in the USA but there is evidence that they are not, with one person suggesting China.  From email contacts it was clear that English is not their first language.


The Collectors Hub, CO - Upcoming Auctions & 8 Past Catalogs (l...

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Hello Britfrog,
"The Collectors Hub" is also very activ on icollector.com.
with the same address data.
they actually offer several movie posters of Gladiator and all with the signature of Oliver Reed!
I dared ask them when and where Oliver Reed signed these posters and naturally I never got any answer.

On one poster you can clearly read the sticker of www.realauthentic.net
so their COAs are probably not worth much either.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I was not successful in having Collectors Hub removed from liveauctioneers.com despite providing a great deal of evidence of their ongoing fraud.  Some more music 'autographs' from Collectors Hub attached here.


item 46396633 which had been offered by the collectors hub for a low price, is now being offered by "Cool stuff auctions" on icollectors.com for a much higher price.
I have asked them the same question "when and where did Oliver Reed sign this?".
no answer.

I stumbled upon that site and became immediately suspicious of the ridiculously low prices. 

The auction is really fast and most pieces don't sell but there is sudden competition if you bid on something.  I caught them out on that - shill bidding by the auction house as well as fakes.

OMG I bought several items from them, including CDs signed by Madonna. I spent a little fortune on them. I am waiting for verification of authenticity. The parcels came from Hong Kong. Collectors Hub changed their name, previously sold under the name Collectholic Auctions, which I already thought was suspicious.

What recourse if any? Check the terms you purchased under. Post them here if you can. How long ago, how did you pay? Do you have all your paperwork? 

It was this year. I have all payment receipts. I paid with a card. They assured that they would pass all authenticity tests. If they fail, they are ready to return the money. Or so it was written.

What/who do they want you to send these graphs to and how much will that cost? Ask them whose word they will accept regarding authentcity. They may well want you to jump through hoops they choose. Depending on whose word they want (perhaps someone they deal with) you may be faced with "These are authentic, sorry". Look into protections with your card. Did you use PayPal too? That would be another help.

Make sure you complain to Liveauctioneers.  They are keeping my complaint on file so further complaints could lead to Collectors Hub being banned eventually.

Barthez, I contacted Kamran for you. I asked Kamran to look at these. I'm not hopeful. 

Thank you. I also sent a request but has not yet responded.



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