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I think I know what is coming and I do feel for anyone inclined to bid on this, but in any case, I welcome your observations. Hopefully your observations will guide any prospective interested party’s to give this particular item the wide berth, 

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Nope. Cute they all signed at the same angle. Forensics is involved - a crime is close at hand.

Right on Eric. Someone has had the protractor out! Hope you are well 

Yep, first thing I noticed!

No good. They didn’t even bother to attempt Ray’s Doors-era signature.

I could be wrong on this Mark and I stand corrected if that is the case…….every single poem or song lyric in Jim’s hand, possibly without exception, contained crossed out words and corrections.

This little beauty here is magically uncorrected.  No need for white out on this gem!

I’m not sure. That could be the case. Here it looks like they just wrote out the transcribed lyrics, including the “yeah.” LOL.

More manufactured garbage yay!!! The crystal ship is being filled but not with with a thousand thrills just a thousand bad doors forgeries from these clowns. 


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