Hi all. New to this forum. I bought this set of elektra promo pics with signatures. They were mounted in a frame. I do have the full set of elektra press promo photos that were of more recent times. These 4 are definitely vintage compared to the fore mentioned. All that said, I have no idea if they are the real deal. I foolishly smeared the Robby signature in my efforts to confirm that they were indeed live signatures which they are. I know that The Beatles had an office where staff would sign items on behalf of the Fab Four so it might be that what I have were similarly signed on behalf of. I would appreciate your feedback 18CC33CB-E600-4080-90C5-E8DA72536158.jpeg

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Hyacinth House, Have you submitted these to any TPAs for a quick opinion?

Hello again. I have not submitted these for assessment but i aim. I will keep you folks informed 

Hi Ballroom. Just an update on the promo pics. I submitted these to Roger Epperson. He has seen two other sets of these and believes them to be authentic. Well that has made my day!

That’s great news. I think he’s probably right about that.

Thanks for your genuine happiness on my part. I guess you have seen many forgeries in your time so one piece of good news amongst umpteen forgeries certainly makes for good news. Beers on me when the lockdown is over!

Ballroom, what do you advise regarding the smudged Robby signature which I bare full foolish responsibility of? Attempt to clear it up with a  Prismacolor Colorless Two Tip Blender Pen or simply leave it be as I might only worsen the smudge? I feel so bad about that smudge. 

I actually haven’t tried something like that. I would probably leave it as-is or, if it really bothered me, send it to a restorer. That said, maybe someone else will chime in with advice on doing it yourself.

Thanks for the advice. I think you are right that I should not attempt to clean it up. I have the touch of an elephant. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so I really am damning myself for causing the smear. They otherwise would have been in great condition albeit there is a small sellotape mark on the underside from where they were displayed

Hi Ballroom, I asked Roger Epperson about the self inflicted smudge and he categorically told me to leave it be!. So I think between your and his advice, I will not attempt to clean it up. Makes sense

I think that’s the best way to go, especially considering how minor it is. 

Thanks BallroomDays1967. I was wondering if you ever had spotted this one....


it’s a nice signature for sure but the price seems excessive 

That’s the only known fully-signed Doors album. How much do you think it’s worth?


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