Hi all. New to this forum. I bought this set of elektra promo pics with signatures. They were mounted in a frame. I do have the full set of elektra press promo photos that were of more recent times. These 4 are definitely vintage compared to the fore mentioned. All that said, I have no idea if they are the real deal. I foolishly smeared the Robby signature in my efforts to confirm that they were indeed live signatures which they are. I know that The Beatles had an office where staff would sign items on behalf of the Fab Four so it might be that what I have were similarly signed on behalf of. I would appreciate your feedback 18CC33CB-E600-4080-90C5-E8DA72536158.jpeg

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‘You can look at it and pretend it’s real and get somebody to write you a COA if that makes you feel better but it doesn’t look right.’

Actually, it is not about what makes me feel better and I genuinely respect that each has their own opinion. I would only add that my trust in the likes of Jack, Ballroom, and Epperson is founded upon reading their commentary over the years on these forums in relation to The Doors.

One final point, I don’t think it was necessary for you to post an example where Epperson may have made a wrong call. I do not think that is particularly fair to him. He makes an honest living out of this and maybe one wrong call ( if indeed it was) out of tens of thousands over the years is not a bad success rate at all in this notorious business. 

Indeed! +1


“If indeed it was”

The Rolling Stones signed album what Epperson okayed is 100% fake !! it is done by a American forger.

Are you joking one wrong call? 

He has got loads and loads of stuff wrong, how can somebody be an expert in every autograph ? It’s not possible.
Just the other month he okayed a Kurt Cobain autograph at Omega auctions it was a signed postcard from Italy.

The autograph as been stamped not handwritten, you can clearly see the particles around the signature what a stamper does.

Then again he okayed this set of Beatles autographs in Omega’s which are not real

There just autographs from the last few months he has gone wrong and we are not talking about small change here we are talking about people’s hard earned cash what he is wasting.

Ok, here is my take. If indeed you have issues with Epperson’s work, I would suggest that you take it up with him directly as opposed to posting here on a forum that he might not read. He has a right to respond. His reputation is pretty stellar in the auto community and I personally feel very uncomfortable engaging in any discussion here that might disparage his reputation. That simply is not right 

You feel uncomfortable because I’m telling the truth and I can back it up. I’ve never had any dealings or doings with Epperson I don’t even know who he works for all I’ve seen is his coa’s and I’ve shown you the evidence that he doesn’t always get it right.

But my point is The Doors autographs  especially the Morrison postcard a-lot of people have said it doesn’t look right including me and with you getting a ok from epperson that would make you 100% confident that they are real ?

You are dam right there ! it ain’t cool far from it and to think of those people that bought those fake autographs I’ve mentioned, they will not be feeling cool either.

Hope you enjoy your Doors autographs 

That’s very interesting, Keithspoon. How did you reach that conclusion? 

It’s just my opinion 

There’s another example of the same set and a third Morrison SP pictured in this discussion. Take a look and see if you still think they’re secretarial signed.


Hi Mark. I hope this finds you well. I contacted Matt from the link you provided. He has a similar promo pic signed by JDM. He advised me that he has had it authenticated. He said that he will mail me this weekend with authentictor details and valuation. I will keep you posted. Thanks 

Great! That sounds promising. Thanks for doing that.

If you ever decide to sell these in a good auction setting with a cert from Roger, who knows Morrison very well, you would do fine. Only Jim's is unusual of the 4, yet has several nuances that are typical to his "JMorrison" signature. What puzzles me is the "M" is directly connected, in the same stroke, to the first highly unusual "O", which I have Never seen Jim do. Both R's are off as is the font of this portion specifically. In my opinion as I mentioned earlier, it's like a few others I've personally seen that are just questionable/likely genuine. It could be/is a great item nevertheless, but personally I couldn't ever buy it because of this and would opt for a "better" example. It's just from a collector's point of view.



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