Hi all. New to this forum. I bought this set of elektra promo pics with signatures. They were mounted in a frame. I do have the full set of elektra press promo photos that were of more recent times. These 4 are definitely vintage compared to the fore mentioned. All that said, I have no idea if they are the real deal. I foolishly smeared the Robby signature in my efforts to confirm that they were indeed live signatures which they are. I know that The Beatles had an office where staff would sign items on behalf of the Fab Four so it might be that what I have were similarly signed on behalf of. I would appreciate your feedback 18CC33CB-E600-4080-90C5-E8DA72536158.jpeg

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Thanks JGL, man you guys know your stuff. I don’t care so much about the penny as I always am sceptical but it was worth a punt. I seen your checks from previous and I envy you. As clear and bold signatures as anyone could hope. Framed nicely?

You can view them in my photos on my home page here at AL.

Thanks and appreciated. As I mentioned earlier, yes we are fans but equally we are custodians. I lost my job last week owing to the Covid19 outbreak. My wife had the audacity to suggest I should sell my entire Doors collection. I have collected for some time and I have some good concert memorabilia too. Took some time to accumulate. Testing times my friend. 

"... My wife had the audacity to suggest I should sell my entire Doors collection...."

Perhaps the good china or silver instead? ;)

Testing times indeed.

Stay safe,


PS - LOVE your sig and photos.

Thanks Eric. No good China at our place because unfortunately it came down with a virus! ;)

LOL! well your silver is safe - if my last century coin collecting memory is still good I believe silver has anti-microbial and bacteria/virus killing qualities! (Not this virus)

Congrats. That's a nice one.

A nice full name sig that is.

The sig is awesome but what makes it is the photographic proof of the man scribing his signature and the backstage story of the then young lady who got it. Between the auto, the photographic evidence, the ladies testimony, and the PSA certificate, I was fortunate to buy the most bomb proof Morrison. It’s a joy

It is :) Superb!

Eric, what you reckon regarding the four promo pics from elektra?

I reckon I should leave that to Ballroom, Jack and the others - this group is not my strong suit at all. Were it Gleason, Bowie, Garland, Leigh or a few others I would be able to assist.


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