Hello everybody. This is my first time on here, my first post. I am a beginning collector, and wish to seek eagles authentic autographs. I have a chance to buy from the guy who has the largest eagles collection, the guy with 400 plus pieces, anyways, he's selling an 11x14 and I'm not sure if it's legit. Opinions? He does sell quite often and his website is loaded with genuine stuff.

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what is the guys name?

He is the owner of rockandrollcolection.com. That's the guy with the biggest known collection of music memorabilia
Why don't you just say his name and stop beating around the bush? Many know who you're talking about. Search his name on the site. You'll read plenty about him and from him.

Stephen Duncan.

"Live long..." - Mr. Spock/Nimoy

I didn't actually know his name.....
What's your opinion ?
That's the link below! What's everyone's opinion?

Ask Cyrkin, he studied this topic and the outcome leaves a lot to be desired for. This is why i dont put my whole trust in pro graphers.

I wouldn't buy it. I don't like the autographs, but anytime a seller writes a manifesto like the seller did here....RUN.

Ohhh look who had to chime in. "Mr. Red Marker and Straight Bar" himself. How many Certificates of Authenticity did I send you last month?

How many autographs that I obtained did the three biggies that you said "would never authenticate", sign off on?

How many times do you need to be proven wrong?

Here, let me buy you dinner tonight......



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