The Kuflik Collection is live and my episode of 'Strange Inheritance' premieres tonight at 6:30 PM Eastern

Hey folks,

I've put a big chunk of my autograph collection online at Please check it out and let me know if you have any issues or feedback. Some of the galleries are very large which could impact page loading. I'll be continually adding more autographs in the coming weeks and months. I was originally planning to launch my e-commerce site in conjunction with my TV episode. However, that would have only allowed me to showcase a fraction of my collection. I made a decision 3 weeks ago (after I posted to this thread) to just put most of the collection online and have been heads down getting everything up there. I consider this site to be a beta and I'll be continually improving it.    

Also, my collection is being featured on the hit TV show 'Strange Inheritance'. The episode is called 'Autograph Addicts' and premieres tonight on Fox Business Network at 9:30 PM eastern and Wednesday at 9:00 PM eastern. The episode covers the history of the collection, the two people behind it (Harvey and Rhoda Kuflik), and showcases some of the highlights. There is a preview at . Check it out tonight.

As a heads up, 99.5% of my collection was collected in person. However, Harvey and Rhoda did some TTM in the 1950's because Movie stills were difficult to obtain back then. That's why I have so many signed candids. I've held back most of those autographs as a precautionary measure until I can get some better eyes on them. The stamped autographs and autopens were easy to spot. The secretarials not so much. In addition, I found a small number of TTM's in my fathers autograph logs and haven't been able to distinguish which particular photos they might be. I'm pulling together a complete list.  As a result, I welcome anyone to scrutinize my collection and call out anything they think is questionable. I'll pull those immediately. I don't expect you'll find many. 

Also, I'm not looking to sell any of the autographs at the moment. I received a lot of requests from my original post on this forum and appreciate the interest. Feel free to introduce yourself and let me know what you are interested in. In the very near future, I'll be in sell mode.

I really appreciate the positive reception I received from my original post to this board and I have a long list of things I want to contribute to this forum. Stay tuned.


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Wow. SImply amazing David. I'm only probably a quarter of the way through all of the autographs you have and am blown away. Best of luck!

Hi you know if the tv program is only available at the time and place you've quoted here?

In other words is it available online say through the Fox website for our friends outside the United States??

I'll certainly make an effort to find out..

Just curious if you know...


From what I can tell, the Fox Business Network requires a cable/satelite subscription to view their content.  For international audiences, it would depend on whether the local cable/satelite service in your area picks up that channel. I'll look into this.

Thanks for your answer David. After doing a little digging I think U.S. residents might be able to view it through some internet gyrations if they don't have the Fox Bussiness channel

But for those outside the U.S. as David says unless you can access Fox Business channel and for example Canadians might be able to so...  you may have to wait for the posting of a Youtube clip or something similar.

Please feel free to correct me If I'm wrong here...

Wow! I can see I'm going to have to start saving up. Just spent 15 minutes there and I found 30 items I'd love to own! Can't wait!!

Incredible collection! This collection is right up my collecting alley. Thank you for archiving it so beautifully on your website. I hope you will keep that live as it is a great source for classic Hollywood collectors like myself!



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