Oh man. Where to start.

We've all seen some bad fakes on ebay, and some even worse background stories for the fakes being pushed there. But oh boy, did I find a winner tonight! His story isn't what caught my eye, (just a simple "it's genuine- signed by all 4 members")...no no, this time it was the photo.
Brace yourself- this seller is attempting to push a "fully signed queen album" (and for only $199!).....from the inside of an empty refrigerator freezer. Because, as we all know- there is no safer place to store your signed albums the than your fridge!

This seller is pushing a fake at 1/5 the price of a genuine one, and taking pictures of it as it leans inside of an empty fridge.

So if you need a laugh, have a look at the photo attached. Ever seen another seller this lazy? This sloppy? I'd love to hear about it. I'm a little relieved to see sellers this poor, honestly. Gives me a little more hope that fans will be able to dodge at least one more fake.

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At least, very good things on Ebay also exist. Here's the photo of a new great item.

Seen it. It's been up for a few days. Overpriced for the dedication and not full sigs.

Agreed, too many fakes on ebay. It's frightening.




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