The Pretenders\Chrissie Hynde signed "Hate For Sale", CD from Newbury

I got one of these the other day...

I thought mine looked real, however i guess it is not as I just got this e-mail. Did anybody else get this?

Here is a pic of what i got.



Thank you for your recent order for The Pretenders’ Hate For Sale CD with accompanying autographed booklet. We wanted to reach out to you, as it has come to our attention that the autographed booklets that came with this pre-order were machine-signed and not hand-signed by Chrissie Hynde. We apologize if this has caused any confusion or disappointment, as this does not meet the expectations that we have for authentic, hand-signed signatures for our autograph promotions.


As such, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to return this title for a complete refund. If you would like to do so, please reply to this email with your order number and we will provide you with a prepaid return label to return the order without incurring shipping costs.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this as well, and we will be glad to assist further. Thank you again for being a customer with Newbury Comics.


Best Regards,

Josiah Customer Service

[email protected]

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Yeah, got the samedi email. Newbury is a very serious company! Trustworthy...

gosh that is very ethical of them

Damn .. this is why I love Newbury Comics!! Always authentic and on occasion when a fake slips through the cracks, they fix it!

Quite the contrast to some other companies swearing that their stuff is signed by the artists when it's obviously not.

I think that Newbury Comics is the ONLY company willing to do this for their customers without charging some kind of ridiculous fee for downloads that I have no interest in. I once received a box from Newbury Comics that was slit open and completely empty. They replaced everything without a notch customer service for sure.

This has made my week !!!!! This is why newbury comics are just the best ! I have bought autographs from them for years and have never had a single issue !!! I know maybe things should have been checked beforehand but they have been keen to rectify this ugly issue ! I have put this on the facebook page with a long message . I got my refund today from townsend music aka the pretenders store which was quick but they are gonna be shown this along with an unpleasant message from me tomorrow. 

I ordered through townsend originally but cancelled my order when i saw newbury had them for sale..So the townsend ones are the exact same? auto penned? you can verify that?

100 percent nick ! There are a few variations and different colours blue and gold but all autopenned . Done so many comparisons my eyes hurt haha .

I thought mine was real too. I just sent a message back to Josiah @ Newbury to send mine back. I also ordered an autograph promotion of this CD as well from Merchbar. It is currently in transit to me. I suppose that will be the same issue. Pretty sad this happened. It is not like she is signing thousands of booklets. In any case, take care! Steve

Just received my Merchbar order today. Sending it right back out tomorrow. This whole situation really peeves me off !!

Attachments: No photo uploads here

.... and that is why we all love Shame on you CH.... (sad face emoji)

I just notified Townsend music and asked to return mine and I haven;t recieved them yet should be any day now I want to see what they have to say Shame on chrissie 



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