DAWN FM CD available (regular cover and alternate covers) on The Weeknd's official store!

Regular Cover



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Thank you very much!

Your welcome ^^

Really? Maybe you should buy from the US one and them, if they are available on the UK you can cancel your US order

Nice! I'm happy you got them. I bought the original cover and version 02

where are these shipping from? I tried to order 2 of each and they wanted $24 shipping which seems ridiculous for 4 Cds, and I've never bought his sig before but didn't I see people complaining about his last release being Autopen?  

Maybe US, I bought two copies and it costed me $14.75 to ship them to Portugal. 

I don't have any complain about the After Hours era. It isn't an amazing signature but at least it was legit

yeah I couldn't remember, I thought It was autopen but maybe it was just that it wasn't a great signature. either way, I hate when they gouge you on the shipping. $14.75 to Portugal sounds pretty reasonable but if these are shipping from the U.S. then it cost about $5 to ship 4 CDs, not $24

If I remember correctly they were legit but the signature isn't that great, compared to its earlier one.

I thought the same, it was a pretty reasonable price. But $24 for 4 CDs sounds a little too much. Did you try from his UK store?

Not autopen, just some really ugly scribbles.

US Store

Collector's 1 - 9030x left

Collector's 2 - 9020x left

Regular - 8930x left

How were you able to find that out?

Think he'll sign all 30,000 of those? Genuinely asking.



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