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Which scan is more accurate? The scan below has noticeable toning. The scan I've posted shows what apears to be an ink mark in the "e" in "Lennon" that does not apear in the scan above. Frank's page says this is a yelllow page signed in both blue and black. You can't see this in the scan above. 

The people offering it have paired it with a photo from early 60's.  The Brigandi coin people in NYC had it matted and put under glass and offer it for 17,500.  Definitely used powerful lighting and it may have been conserved some.  The edges do look altered.  Brigandi has a new 10% consignment program.  I wonder if it is a good alternative to H.A. or Goldin?

If the OP scan is full the bottom edge has been matted out or trimmed.

Does strong lighting change the color of the page or the inks?

No, it's not worth 17.5 -- unless you want to seriously overpay. 


No way. I’d say 7-8 on an eBay auction 

but it brings up the question. Is it possible to make a bad purchase and overpay when it comes to Beatles? I mean I’m not talking about paying 100k for it, but if it “talks” to you, are you willing to pay more than market value? I have paid more than market value for a couple things because I just had to have them. 

Yes, but most of the time, items will sell for less than the asking price. Don't blame the seller for putting a big price tag on the set. You never know what might happen. I have found out that desire dictates what a person is willing to pay.

I'm still wondering what color it is in person...

Thanks Jim, Super Set! :)

Hey Eric....Nice job framing it...



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