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What does everyone think of this item?

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I'm not sure why the picture came across distorted.

This, I believe, is secretarial.

Thank you for your opinion Brick.

Are you very familiar with his signature?

I wish I had recieved more opinions on this item.

Chad the people here volunteer their time for absolutely zero compensation, please don't get frustrated that you didn't get immediate responses. Perhaps some were as unsure as you were, and I don't recall seeing too many Cash experts posting on here often.

If you really want to know, get Roger Epperson's opinion for $15. That is your best bet as Roger is highly regarded in music authentication. 

I appreciate the comment Ryan. I understand what you are saying. It seems some of the posts receive dozens of responses while others get few or none. It seems like it has no rhyme or reason. I guess I could always comment more on other posts myself.

Have a good one.

The autograph in question is a secretarial variation of Johnny Cash's signature to my knowledge.

It's true that some posts receive a lot more attention than others. More people, especially the ones who would be active online, have knowledge of and interest in, say, Mickey Mantle's signature than Johnny Cash's. That's the simple reason.

Getting a pro opinion would be best Chad. There are some points about this pic that may not be known however.

The woman that this is addressed to was named "Dolly" Anderson and It's always looked to me like it say's "Dottie". Like He )Johnny) didn't quite understand how she pronounced her name? If this is a sec. autograph, This is my pic fyi etal, Her named would not have been misspelled most likely.  Almost all the pics were obtained in Branson Mo. Johnny played shows there in the ninetys. May have been the Grand Palace or Christie Lanes theatre or one of the many other venues there. almost all the autographs in the collection are addressed to Dolly and/or Carl. I just think this kind of other info about a pic and sig needs to be considered as well when it's available. Ive seen a lot of variance in his sig at this point. Probably reflective of what his life was like at a particular time when a sig was obtained. Like was he doing coke at the time or maybe he was drunk another etc.........

Johnny Cash

Hey Bob, is the picture you poster one you received in person?


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