What's everyone's Thoughts on paypals new 180 dispute policy?
I love the old policy, 45 days, as I have been saved by it before as people have tried to scam me but I think 180 days is waaaaaay too long.

What do you think?

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180 days is way too long.  A buyer has half a year to use a product, change his mind and return it?  That's more bad news for Ebay sellers who can't leave bad feedback, have to pay increased fees, and have no recourse as "the buyer is always right" according to Ebay.

180 days!!!!

Holy crap!!!!  That's ridiculous!!!

Ridiculous.  I can only imagine for the sellers of books, as I've gone and sold some old ones from long ago- someone could use them the semester of college and legally be able to return them!  

PayPal s****!!!

Wow, going to be a lot of annoyed sellers

This is terrible news for the sellers on Ebay. I read a story about a collector that sold his prized signed Yankee jersey in order to pay some medical bills. I think it was a Mantle M&N jersey. He sold the jersey for $1,500 or so and shipped it with tracking. 11 months later he gets a message from paypal that they are freezing the total amount for the jersey because a dispute was filed. In the dispute, the buyer claimed he never got the jersey. The seller complained it was way past the 45 days and looked up the tracking number and it checked out as being DEL to the correct verified address. Ebay then said that because the buyer paid for the jersey with his credit card thru paypal, he had a full calender year to file a dispute. They also said that having a tracking number is not acceptable for purchases over $250 and that he needed signature confirmation. Paypal and Ebay ruled in favor of the buyer's story that he never got the jersey and the seller was out not only the autographed jersey, but the $1,500 taken out of his paypal account and refunded to the buyer. Insanity!

that is terrible! but where does the 11 months come from?

New policy Michelle.

All voting members to be given extra chocolate rations

George Harrison for sure one up for him. If you know he dogged the tax man by buying property in Switzerland. Ha

I assume it's in the policy in small print where if link your credit card to your paypal account and pay that way, then you have a full year to open a dispute instead of the standard 45 days. Well, now 180 days.

We need a whole new system Dom.



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