Personally, I think this is very likely authentic.  

But what do you think?  

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No offense, but why is it so hard to post a picture?  Members here would prefer the picture being posted as opposed to the link. You get more responses that way.

This looks pretty authentic to me.

I have been posting pictures...regularly in the manner you prefer.  But as has been discussed quite a bit recently, many members have been having great difficulty getting their pictures to upload for some reason.

And they’re still not uploading for me as of today or yesterday.  I can only do it by attachment right now.  That’s why there have been more people recently posting by attachments.  Plus, I really don’t care how someone posts a pic.  Clicking on an attachment has never been a bother to me, and I’ve been a member for over 5 years.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, they found the problem and got the software in to fix it, but they have to test it and make sure it's configured right. Ning has been working hard on this problem.

Thanks, Steve.  Posting with attachments has been working so it’s all good.  You’re a hands-on owner/manager, and we all greatly appreciate it.

Sorry James! Yes, people have been having problems I apologize for my ignorance.

No problem at all, John.


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