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Jesus! is this full proof? let others say it on here to help you first.

Rodger's track record re the 2 posted on here recently isn't a great example ...Beatles expert?  well, that is questionable as others do say NO good re examples. Use Frank instead.   

+1, Epperson is a great and credible resource.

I would say authentic based on two 1970 examples from my collection.

I always drag this one out for John and Yoko comparisons.

This example has never been posted before: 

Here's another one...

I don't think I like the OP.

Vert good! LOL. :-)

Hi Eric, any particular reason for not liking the OP? I'm a bit lost as to the comments that follow (joke, lol etc.). Perhaps the comments have landed in the wrong part of the thread. Either that or I just don't get the joke.

The OP's photo - it lacks what I look for - matching "h"&  "l" loops with the "L" leaning to the right a hair. This holds true for every example posted but the OP's. The "o" is leaning the other way. Legible. It just looks odd to me. Ballroom will know.

The joke - when I said "I don't like the OP" InkInvestor took it literally (as a joke) and responded with "What's he ever done to you?"....

Thanks Eric.

I read OP as original post - hence my confusion.

All the points you raise about the Lennon are valid. The whole autograph does slant somewhat the "wrong" way. I was going by the general fluidity of it, particularly of the "John", and was certainly influenced by the apparently plausible Ono.

It will be interesting to see what others think, If it is a forgery it seems to be a pretty good one.

Here’s an authentic one for comparison.

Thanks Ballroom! I knew you'd know. :-)

I think the form of the signatures is good and it’s probably genuine providing it is actually ink on paper.



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