Authenticated by Roger Epperson. I dont think it is real btw

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Absolutly fake ...
What do you think about the Roger Epperson COA? Do you believe Roger really messed up in this one?
The COA seems authentic.
Epperson is a good identification specialist for many artists but not for MJ.
This is not the first time he has identified a bad MJ unfortunately ...
I completely agree with marcelo on this . Although i do see alot of good qualities in this apart from it being a mess . The start of the m and the heavy and loopy type c into the h doesnt look natural .we need people like roger in this industry but i also have reservations about him authenticating michael jackson sigs .he deemed a signature fake that my friend from the states personally got from michael at his uk shows rehearsal studio in burbank in spring 2009 .weeks before he died .
Thank you Pete. I have a MJ signature with Roger Epperson COA as well, but i do believe mine is real
Can you post yours ?
Yes. Here it is. It is from the 80s, easier to identify.
Very nice example , congratulation !
Thank you Marcelo. At the begining i was worried about the "love" but then i did a little research, have a lot of real examples like mine and im sure it is ok now.
Jose, I think the one you posted is quite possibly real, but I wouldn’t want it.

As Pete said, it has a lot of real MJ characteristics, but the signature is a mess.
Thanks Steve. Lets just wait for Waschers opinion.
Neither look like what I know to be slam dunk MJ. Some similarities, but I’m not sold.



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