You folks have helped a lot in getting my collection organized and relatively safe, but now I have another question about safe storage.

I have a few autographed CDs. I have some old Fellows three-ring binder sleeves for CDs...I am almost certain they are vinyl, so I'm a little reluctant to use them, even for the CDs in jewel boxes. Can I assume you would recommend staying away from them even for jewel-boxed CDs?

Then there are the paperboard-packaged (and unopened) Donovan CDs ("Shadows of Blue"), signed on the paperboard in sharpie. I currently have them in backed 5x7 3-ring binder pages, but it's not an optimal solution, since a wrong tip of the book and they'll fall out.

Bags Unlimited (which I find really hard to search) has some 11"+-wide pages, but I'm looking more for two-up than four-up that will fit with the rest of the autographs.

I guess what I'm asking is, have you recommendations for 3-ring binder pages that will SAFELY house CDs both in jewel boxes and not-so-much?

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Just for clarification - are the booklets signed or the CDs themselves? Or is it a combination.

Neither. There are...oh, heck, let me show you so you understand why I can not put these things in a vinyl holder. (This is my fault, because I also have other CDs with jewel boxes signed on the booklets.)

The sleeves for the Donovan CDs are coated paperboard, signature directly on the unopened sleeve.

Honestly I'm trying to find something that will handle both situations; the Donovan CDs and something in a jewel case.

(The provenance on these is a little weird. I can detail if anyone cares. Take three on posting the photo.)

Another lousy photo of two more, these in jewel boxes. (Parton box is damaged, but I'm reluctant to replace it because of the "Enhanced CD" sticker. Bottom is musician Rosie Thomas, who signed her debut album.)



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