For the last 20 years or so I’ve been collecting game used jerseys and memorabilia. I’ve done authentication work for several auction houses and photo matching memorabilia is my specialty. As we speak, a supposed 2006 Masters final round shirt worn by Tiger Woods is on the auction block. It’s signed by Woods, comes with multiple LOA’s and is backed by Upper Deck. It’ll bring probably $20,000 when the smoke clears. There’s only one teeny little problem........

its no good. And I proved it.....yet the auction house refuses to pull it. matter the matter the LOA’ no one and do your homework. Someone is about to flush twenty grand down the toilet. See for yourself......

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Guys please take a quick look.....

Rick, I completely agree with you. This is a $20,000 collectable. It's sourced from Upper Deck and it somehow made it though their quality control and it passed all the other companies you listed too. With this shirt the issues go much deeper than it's simply not the shirt he was wearing. This shirt creates far reaching implications and deserves in-depth investigation as to how this happened.

The issue that makes this shirt no good is the placement of the Nike swoosh in relation to the stripes. As you can see in the photo of Woods, the left edge of the swoosh does not touch the same stripe as does the auction shirt. This error completely disqualified this shirt from being authentic.

Thank you for showing the error!

Amazing and not in a good way for the authentication companies. I wonder, also if Tiger had any involvement in acknowledging it as the masters worn shirt. I would imagine he was approached by UD with this and a pile of other things to sign under his exclusive deal and didn't care what he was signing as long as it was for them. They could tell him anything and he would sign just the same no questions asked.

Do I believe that Tiger Woods is complicit in trying to scam a potential collector? Of course not. However, I do not  believe this is an accident either. I believe someone knowingly put a dummy shirt in front of him and he believed he was signing the real deal. I think Tiger was scammed too. Shockingly, the bigger question is how on Earth did this shirt make it past all these so called experts? How could this possibly have happened? Lastly, I believe this opens the door for all collectors to reexamine their prized "iron clad" game used memorabilia items to see if they are victims too. Bottom line.... It's either real....or it isn't.

Could Tiger have worn more than one of the same shirt that day? They probably have him several. 

Steve I was thinking the same thing, maybe he had a wardrobe change? 

Upper deck has been a gold standard for so long I find it hard to believe they would drop the ball on such a high end item 

Upper Deck didn’t just drop the ball on this one. This is a serious breach and can not be taken lightly. Photo evidence proves he wore the same shirt all 18 holes.

Are wardrobe changes commonplace among golfers? Seems like a bit of a stretch, though not out of the question. 

Regardless, the burden of proof is now on UDA. My guess is they have nothing.

Sponsors pay top players big money to wear their brands. If a shirt gets sweaty, dirty or torn, do they wear the same one throughout the round?

That photo of Tiger wearing the shirt isn't from the Grey Flannel lot. Dr Loomis, is the photo you used from UDA?

Yes, golfers change shirts at different points and Tiger is one that does so regularly, as he sweats a lot. This could be the case. Pics from Hole #1 and Hole #18 would be needed.


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