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Back in the late 90's I was into writing stars etc..  I sent this Magazine cover back in 98 to Tiger Woods and got this back.  What are your thoughts as to it being authentic?  JSA said no.



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That's not consistent with any of the Tiger auto's I have seen...

Example of authentic sig:

Here is one on Ebay that looks pretty close to mine and it was authenticated by PSA

Here is another certified by PSA - that looks close to mine..


That is his current autograph .

actually, Tiger has changed his autograph through the years it grew. But he has always had the same constant autographs, there was never a rushed autograph from him. I would be worried with what address you sent it to,  did you make a donation?, becuase it looks genuine but i see a few problems.


Secretarials are always very popular, as you know.


Send it to PSA/DNA, but even they make mistakes.



I mailed back in 98 - so I cant remember where I sent it and I did not send any donations.  I was amazed when I got it back that it looks authentic.  

I am thinking about sending it to PSA.  I have spent $100 on it already for JSA to say that its bad, really wanted to get a couple more opinions on here before I send it to them and spend another $100...



Having one of the largest autographed golf ball collections in the country (including Tiger's signed ball at Stanford in 1995), I think Tiger's signature is authentic. I'm not an expert on signatures, but Tiger's signature looks real to me.  Joe Galiardi, author, Hooked on Autographs

Thank you for your post!



What about setting up a discussion in the golf group on Tiger Woods through the mail autographs? It may not be a fast moving discussion, but you got this in the 90s, so you have time.

I posted a thread in the Golf group with a link to this original one.. if that is ok. I was thinking ahead as well...  You are right about having time... :)



Before spending another $100 and sending it to PSA - I put it up on Ebay for sale and submitted the PSA quick opinion. They will only look at it if its an auction.  Putting it up on ebay cost 0.00.   They came back with in a hour stating.. for what its worth..

Response:  "Likely Not Genuine"

So unless I hear different on here - I will not waste any more money sending this to PSA..



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