Hello, I purchased this a little while back 1 yr or more and I was shown this album .  I thought  it was authentic and bought it.  Can somebody give it an opinion as to it's authenticity.  Thankx

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Truncated first name, but looks okay.

Thank you Mikael

+1.... Looks Fine, IMO.... Nice looking Guitar, marc e....For Sale??

Definitely looks good to me ive met tony and geezer and got 2 lps signed. How much did you pay ? 

Hi Jon, I paid, I think $270.00 for it like 3 1/2 yrs. ago.  I also have Geezer Butler's autograph on Black Sabbath's Master of Reality LP - that's a better autograph and album IMO.  Thanks for the interest.

Thats a good price. These are the 2 lps i got at the black sabbath bridge reveal a few months ago in birmingham. Its the only 2 sabbath members i have met so far. I cut ozzys autograph out of a book and added it in haha

real in person signed

Yeah thsts real nice man did you do have a meet and greet ? I got tony at the bench in Birmingham then waited 3 hours outside the hotel that they went to after and got gezzer on the 2 snd on 1 

ive meet them tons of times but that was done in the 90s way before people paid to meet them,ive never paid for a meet and great

Yeah would have been good back then i was born in 1990 so never had a chance. Ozzy meet and greet is 630 pounds 

That guitar is really nice marc e.

you're from England Jon!   I would love to visit the UK, all my heroes come from there.   London is my favorite city.  England bloomed all the Best rockers hands down!



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