I've been sending off request for TTM autographs. I have a package that is being shipped to me from Katona, NY. Any ideas on who this could be from? I received an autograph a month or so ago from around the same locations which ended up being from Chevy Chase and now I'm kind of stumped on who this could be from. The only person I could think of was former President Bill Clinton. Let me know if you have any ideas of any celebrities that maybe sending from this location. Thanks, Ryan

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No pic?

Well how about showing the autograph that would make it much easier

I haven't received the package yet. I got a notification on the US Postal Service website alerting me of a package they just being shipped to me from this location that I mentioned in New York. So I do not have any picture to show.

I'm sorry if I sound rude, but how can we possibly identify an autograph we can't see?     

I never asked you to identify the autograph. I was asking if anyone knew of any celebrities that live near Katona, NY.

Don't get it. Why you don't keep track of what you send out or just wait until you receive it. I see no point in opening a thread about it.



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