I recently purchased a PSA/DNA graded gem mint Greg Maddux baseball from Canton and Cooper in California via the internet. The ball is graded 10 overall, 10 auto and  10 for the baseball. The seals are in tact, however, the ball has spots on it in several locations. Pictures are attached. my question is, are the spots a serious issue? I know Bobby Brown Haiti balls can be discolored but had never seen a "gem mint" Allen H Selig ball look like this.


Also I bought a PSA/DNA Willie Mays 9.5 auto, but the seals are not in tact. It came with a LOA with the water mark and appears to be the same ball. I was just wondering about how much the seals being broken affects the value or if you would seriously question the balls authenticity given the seals have been broken (I would understand some one repositioning the ball if it has shifted to a point where the auto was not visible).


Thank you all in advance.




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This is peculiar.  Did the Mays ball have a grade, and if so what is it?  With those spots, I would grade this ball to be about a 7.5-8.  The value of the piece isn't affected that bad by the spots, but given Mays is a more common autograph, it might be harder to resell.  About the seals, that doesn't affect much of anything.  You buy something based on the autograph not the case.  Nice stuff though.  -Mike



Would you advise me to return the "gem mint" Maddux ball and take it up with the seller as the ball is no longer what the PSA/DNA grading would indicate? It makes me feel like the ball was tampered with, but like I said, the seals are in perfect shape, so I'm perplexed. 


The Mays ball was graded a 9 with a 10 signature for a 9.5 overall by PSA. The Mays ball has no spots, only the Maddux ball.

I would definitely discuss the Maddux ball's situation with the seller.  I assume you bought from eBay and I have seen cooper selling memorabilia on that side avidly.  He shouldn't give you a problem and explain how you think the ball was tampered with as there are several large spots on the ball.  I really don't know his reputation but I think either A) It was damaged by the seller either on accident/ with full intent or B) PSA damaged the ball in the process of encasing the piece.  I am leaning towards "B" more though because if the ball is sealed it would be really difficult since PSA tamper proofs everything.  I would get a refund if possible but if he has a duplicate you could exchange.  Best of Luck!
Those spots are going to spread and get bigger.  I would send it back.


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