U2 - Bono Signature (Real or Fake) Any experts out there!!!

Hi all,

I purchased this from an eBay seller and was wondering what you all think? It looks stunning but is the signature real?

The seller claimed to work and still work on chat shows so I purchased this and a Damon Albarn signature, also pictured.

He is selling a lot more too but are they all genuine? Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


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The Bono should be a fake...never seen a sig like this before.
Can't comment on the other graph.

Bono is a fake IMO

IMO, The Bono is a forgery

Wacky looking Bono.  I don't like it.

Sadly, yours is a fake.

Damon looks genuine. Don't know about Bono.

Bono are 100% fake


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