I'm guessing this was a scam. U2 signed by all four. The weight of the pen is identical for all four autographs. Would do you think? Real or fake?


Thanks for looking,


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I’m not a pro at all, but I’ve met the band three times (if you look in my profile picture, that is me on stage playing guitar with them during the elevation tour in 2001 here in my hometown of St. Louis) and they autographed some pictures for me and the green jersey I am wearing in the pic. I have two Edge autographs, three Adam Claytons, and one Bono - all that I got in person. The edge looks good and the Adam Clayton looks pretty good - his was sloppy on all the ones he signed for me. The Bono looks sloppy, too, but the B and stuff is similar to mine, so I guess it could work. I’ve met Larry, but only got pics with him, no sigs, so I can’t help there. 

I’m mainly familiar with Bono autographs, and that one doesn’t pass.

I agree, these unfortunally looks off to me too!

Here’s a great site with lots of genuine U2 graphs from different years to use for comparision: http://www.u2eastlink.com/collector/firmas/

And if interested, here’s my small U2 collection to maybe use as a reference: https://live.autographmagazine.com/photo/photo/listForContributor?s...

I’m also considering selling my very rare Larry Mullen signed photo. It will NOT be cheap, but if interested send me a pm!


here are mine. As i mentioned, 100% legit as I got them in person. I guess the Bono is more different after all, but as I said, I’m no pro. Just trying to help you out since I happen to have real examples. 

It's great to see the real McCoys to compare! Thanks!

Doug, are 100% fake signs.

I collect many autograph of U2 from 30 years, and i no doubt these are very fake. If you are interested in a set of 4 complete signatures, I can sell something. But the price will not be low. If interested, send me pm.

Thanks for seeing they are fake.

Best, Doug


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