Hi guys, I've come across this Fender squire signed by all of U2, but I have some doubts about most of the signatures. Apparently it was bought from a charity auction; seller wanted $2k but has agreed to $1500 (in Australia = $1150 US). What are your opinions on this one? I did notice that Adam's is a different colour, Larry's is a bit curvy  and they're all generally a little bit dodgy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You guessed right -- FORGERY. 

Ok, I was hoping they were legit but I'm glad I haven't been ripped off. Thanks for your reply Bruce; any other replies are also welcome. Do all four of them look fake to you?

All are bad and a terrible fake. This looks like stuff Grays Online were once selling. Can you please name the seller?

Someone is selling it through a local music shop (I took that photo of it). We haven't spoken directly to the seller, but apparently he paid like $4k at an auction for it, possibly the worst decision ever made in history haha. I guess either he's a filthy scammer or some poor unfortunate soul who got carried away at the auction


Unquestionably fake.  None of them are really even close.  Authentic, fully signed U2 guitars are not common.  The fact that the seller is willing to part with it for the same price that many flat signed items have gone for in recent years is a red flag. 

Very bad fake.

Thanks to all for your replies, you've saved me a lot of money and embarrassment :) Hopefully I'll be able to return the favour to some of you one day

I have a really nice set, send me a message if they might be of interest. I grew up around the corner from Bono in Dublin. Cheers


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