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Thanks to the rather wonderful community on here I have accquired some great autograghs over the last 18 months or so...now to display them - can anyone in the UK advise where I can get some high quality photographs of the artists to take to the framers?  (Taylor/Pink/Rod Stewart/Elton John etc)

I'm also considering cutting out the Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel autos from the books to make a display....

Apologies if this is in the wrong area......

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Honestly, if you want high quality photographs of artists you’ll have to buy them. And I say that as a concert photographer. You’ll run into all sorts of copyright issues otherwise. Yes, even for your own private use.

Thanks...don't mind paying at all , just where to get them from...any idea's gratefully accepted :)

I like using the black and white 10x8 promo photos that are issued by record companies to promote bands, these have band/artist logos and record company logos at the foot of the photo and look very nice framed. Many are available on ebay but I am not sure whether they were ever meant for sale. Bands used to give these away at signing sesssions at festivals in the 90s...

this needs to me moved from the "musician-direct autograph sales" thread

apologies are cool but this happened a bunch of times all at once now. we have to keep this area clean

Want to help out where I can place it? 


Town Square is usually a good place for general chat

this place gets real frosty real quick....



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