Michael Jordan signed UNC photo (Dont have COA).  Everything looks legit.  Has Upper Deck hologram (can see the Upper deck logo).  Some of the numbers on the decal are scratched, but I'm pretty positive I can make it out.  Didn't come back on website, so I emailed to confirm, and they say they aren't able to.  I did a Beckett quick opinion, they said "unlikely to pass".  Everything in me says this is legitimate, but thought I'd ask here before actually unframing and sending it in.  What do you guys think?  Thanks in advance!

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What makes a sticker look like that.

What part?  The hologram, or the worn off/damage to the number?

Both, and why so much detritus under and showing?

Are you talking about the dust specks on the glass, or what?  As for the hologram, it just looks worn down.  Like something rubbed against it, and wore a layer off.

It just looks odd to me. like how there appears to be a shadow under it when enlarged.

I'm guessing dust, and "stuff" in adhesive residue from whenever the previous owner got it framed.

Like I said, it looks scratched/damaged.  I know nothing else, I just got it as it is already framed.


I'm no authority on Jordan but I checked other UNC ones signed for Upper Deck and it looks right in line with them.

No, it's not Jordans signature. This one person on eBay has been faking them. And I'm guessing that's why the hologram is screwed up. This guy has been faking a lot of uda stuff recently and usually has one item at a time 

Who is "this one guy"?    And what makes you say its not.  It looks pretty on point with other UD authenticated examples.  I've seen alot of jerseys that have had fake UD certs, with horrible sigs.  But if you were going to fake a UD authentication, why just do the decal?

C Izzy is right about the seller he pointed out. He has a constant supply of Jordans, and selling them cheap. He’s s new seller tho. C Izzy have you seen him on other sites?


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