User Error - Uploading properly oriented images - Any tips?

I am a new member to the group and am SO excited to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience. 

Looking for tips on uploading images to posts to make sure they are properly oriented.  I have made several posts and find images are not oriented in the same direction as when I view them as a saved file.  The "Preview" function seems to allow me to see the text but not the image.

Appreciate any help from the group so I can avoid the embarrassment of needing to ask my teenagers what I am doing wrong.  Thanks in advance.

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Sure, Beardog1.  Just make sure the image is upright before you upload it and it will upload the right way here.

If you're on your phone, go to the image editor and it should have a button to turn it 90-degrees at a time. If you shoot something horizontally, and your phone is set for vertical orientation, you'll generally have to do that.

Please LMK if I can help you further.

Thanks Steve! 

You were correct that rotating the image on my phone did the trick.  I had been sending to my laptop and rotating there but the edits did not seem to carry forward to my AML uploads.  I have made a couple of posts since and images are uploading with the proper orientation.  

Love being part of the community.  Thanks for being "Member #1".




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