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I'm sorry but this is not James Dean handwriting, IMO. What sort of writing utensil was used? 

Hi Joe,  This was signed to a man that worked for the studios back in the 50's.  I got this at his garage sale along with Laurel and Hardy, Johnny Cash and Elvis.  It's real

All I can say is it looks much different than any James Dean signature I've seen. It's atypical.

I hope that's a joke, Allen. This is obviously a forgery - that is nothing like James Dean's hand. It appears so uncomfortably written - not signed. Very uneven unto itself. And to Joe's point, it also appears felt tip, which wasn't even in existence then...there was a type of marker for designers, but not for this application and not in 1945-1950. Why not post the other "finds"?

Yes Allen -- please post the other autographs you mention.

Prepare for the worst...

Allen, so you picked this up at a garage sale.


What convinces you that it's authentic?

not even close to James Dean's signature.  Here is a link showing authentic examples:

Sounds like you took a shot, I’ve gambled before on items and won a few really good ones but I’ve been on the other side and failed as well, I hope it doesn’t ruin your passion  for the hobby and hopefully it you didn’t break the bank on it, maybe the others items you purchased are authentic? Post them if you want some additional help

Hello All,   I will post the other autographs as well.  These were all found 20 years ago here in the San Fernando Valley, CA.  The man Terry that they were all signed for was in the movie/television business in the 50's and 60's.  I bought them from the estate that was being liquidated by his family.  Each signed photograph was to him and I paid $20.00 each at the garage sale.  If you don't think these are authentic that's your opinion.  I know that they are from his estate and not forgeries.  We did have marks a lot's back in those days.

If you were so convinced why ask for our opinion? I am sorry to say you are totally wrong on this one. As long as you enjoy them, all is well.



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