I have seen prices all over the map with regards to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  I know he is rare and for the most part I have seen most of his stuff personalized.  Any thought on values on these two items.  He really gave a great signature on both.   On the Alive Live he signed the inside cover.

thanks with any input


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I would put the LP at $750 to $800 and the picture at about $400. You might want to ask Nate for a second opinion. SRV autographs were at their market peak about 5+ years ago. They have since dropped some according to a very educated resource who I recently chatted with on the topic. Prices have generally stabilized in the $700 to $1100 range depending on the LP and quality of signature. There are always exceptions going up or down depending on the uniqueness of a single item. The most valuable one I picked up this last year was an In Step LP cover signed in 1990.   The $1,500+ requests on eBay are pipe dreams and RR Auction draws a premium.

I agree Tacoma, and I know you've done some excellent recent research into this. There have been a couple of non-dedicated front signed sales at auction recently that went higher than expected, but those results are unusual.

Thanks Nate -


the only thing i would say is the personalization lowers the value but stevie  had such a nice signiture

Thanks for your reply Tacoma.  :)


As far as the personalizations,  I am sure they can be removed.  But with the rarity of the item, I am leaving it up to the person who is going to get them to remove them.  The inside of the albums is glossy and so is the photo.  



Mark - are you selling these items?

Hello Chris - I am possibly looking to sell.  Not sure at the moment.  

Send me a message if you are interested in them. 



Interested in the photo for sure, just added you as a friend Mark, thanks.

Hello David - friend request accepted.  



Mark I don't know if you have sold any of these items or not I'm curious about it my husband is a big fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan and I want to get him something special since he's been through so much lately of going through chemo and I thought I'd make him happy and as his wife I I realize how important he is to me but if you have sold them congratulations and I hope that you got what you were asking for

If they weren't personalized it be worth more .I put the photo at 500 if not personalized 800. Album 650 and if not personalized 1k and could fetch 2k in auction. 




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