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Dont get one thing - why you didnt ask BM and RT to sign the same item??? 

If it was approved by Innunedo you're safe to put it for sale here. I saw Steve say it on a great Queen piece someone was offering a few weeks ago. Although I do believe you have to post links to where innuendo did approve it. 

Hi again BB. Yes, all the other members are genuine but like I stated to you in the past, that Laura dedicated Freddie has been heavily reprinted by a Spanish scammer so it is worth noting again here. I do recall seeing photos of the original and it had not aged well, so from the photos provided, I told you I felt it's safe but it is important to include that reprint warning in your sale post imo and there's only so much I can do via photo when discussing a highly reprinted item. Ideally, (with it being reprinted so many times) I would want to check it in hand before saying 100% that it's the original. 

How often was Freddie or Queen items reprinted by said scammer?

He usually went for higher priced items. Letters, name dedicated Freddie signatures (that he could add an interesting backstory to) and signatures with dates. Things that he could easily reprint to make big bucks. Freddie items with no name dedication or date he didn't bother with. What he didn't expect was to run into someone who knows where most of the originals reside. However, he is exactly why I advise people not to post their genuine items online unless they're selling. He scans this site among many others for that reason alone.

Most recently he seems to have an unlimited number of letters from Freddie to his husband Jim Hutton. The same letter. Over and over. 


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