ebay stores Site wall of sounds is safe and acceptable? has no affiliation and provides its coa which is to say "nothing", someone has experience with this seller? also he has items that cost as the album LOAD OF signatures VELVET UNDERGROUND signed by the whole band, if you know let me know? ok thanks

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Post a link to the seller or listing when you ask about something. It saves time. If you mean wallsofsound1, yes...they're very reputable. Here's a link to their eBay store:


I agree with Steve, most of the stuff I see looks good.

Yes. I know the owner of Walls of Sound, and all his items are legit. He is a major IP collector.
I agree, but wallsofsound on eBay is not Lee Hunter's Walls of Sound, who you are referring to. Hunter is wallsofsound1. We need to make sure Nico is asking about same company we're talking about.

Hey Steve,

I just joined this site and have just started collecting. I ran into this same issue and what I have found is that there are two walls of sound on ebay.





Would both of these be safe to buy from or only wallsofsound1, and even then should I only use the wallsofsound1 website link that you have posted?

Thank you.

Respectfully, David

Hi David,

Yes, they're both Lee Hunter. I didn't realize he had 2 eBay accounts.


Thank you for replying, so anything I buy from those two links should be safe?

Respectfully, David

Anything you buy from Lee Hunter you can take to the bank.

But, after you buy and before you pay post it here for opinions.

Just because an autograph is genuine, doesn’t mean that it looks genuine. Some autographs are atypical and those are ones that you want to avoid. You also want to avoid autographs that are not much more than scribbles.

I don’t know if Lee has any like that, but I’d check for it just in case. You’ll get valuable opinions here.


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